Monday, 26 November 2012

Orange You Going to Eat That?

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~ Daisy


  1. Found your blog at SHTFPlan. It's just what I've been looking for: a HEALTHY prepping site.

    A question on the lemons - they appear black in the photo. Is that just the camera or do they turn black, and how can you tell they're not moldy?


    1. Hi, DT - Thank you for reading and I'm really glad you like the blog!

      Yes, they're lemons. They turn a very dark brown and unappetizing color. As far as mold is concerned, you have to be sure that the pieces are totally dry - they need to be brittle enough to snap in two. If they're not, there is too much moisture to store from more than a few months.

      If they become suspect, better to soak them in vinegar and use them for cleaning that to risk eating them.

      This being said I have been drying citrus for a couple of years and have not run into a problem with it! We generally use the pieces up within 6 months. They also make a nice addition to some water and cinnamon on top of the woodstove for a natural air freshener.