Organic Prepping

What exactly is organic prepping?

It's prepping with a different mindset - we stockpile our food with an eye towards avoiding the GMOs, the processed foods, the chemicals and the drugs that are such a part of the North American food supply.

This means that I do a lot of food preservation and a lot of careful sourcing of our foods.  We also garden extensively and wildcraft what we can.  I have a passion for canning in particular, in order to have the perfect prepper food: Meals in a jar that only require heating up for delicious nutritious comfort food.  In a real pinch, since the food is fully cooked, the contents can be eaten at room temperature.

Eating organic is possible, even if your on a budget.  If you're concerned that you can't afford the cost of organic food, have you priced out cancer lately?  Have you checked the price of the pharmaceuticals you might require for any number of chronic ailments that are directly related to the food that you consume?

Dive in to food preservation - while those around you will be getting weaker as time goes by, eating their ramen noodles and GMO vegetables that have been soaking in BPS, you and your family will thrive on the real vitamins and nutrients your food contains.

~ Daisy

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  1. Daisy, love what you're doing here. Found you over at LRC. Looking forward following you. I'm adding you to my Blogroll and Resources page.
    Keep doing the stuff,

  2. I just found your blog and was really encouraged. My husband and I own a NON GMO seed company in Ontario, Oregon. We have felt all along that GMO's are going to be the down-fall of society. The big GMO companies have offered to buy our seed company but we have not succumbed to the pressure.
    Thank you for taking a stand!
    Susan Kurth
    Andrew's Seed Co.